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LOTR Parody: SE p3 LOTR Parody: SE p3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


...sorry! just kidding. At least I'm not desperately trying to "see though" this movie to say you "just" ripped screenshots from the ROTK DVD, and barely used any tweening whatsoever, and that it was so stupidly simple, all the while completely ignoring the insane talent for planning something that is so genuinely humorous. Bah. Ok I got so much of that guff on my first movie today, I'll quit being retaliatory, its unhealthy.

YOUR Review: lol. My favorite lines: "Do you like my hair sam?" "YES, I'M A HORSE!"
huzzah! I believe I'll watch it again. And maybe tomorrow too. hehe, gj guys. Strangely, i was thinking "A new pie is rising!" when i saw that scene too =D. There's a saying for that that i really hate so i won't say it cause it's dumb. anyways... i smell pie... now i want some pie... but I'm sure this movie is better than that pie over there. Ok ttyl